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That Ringing In My Ears Is Sweet Music

Howard Banta

What Is It?

A Clock With Seven Dials

by Vince Angell clock bio

Front of clock
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When first described, this clock was called a 4 dial clock. As can be seen by the pictures it actually is a 7 dial clock if you count the three small disc dials that are the "TOTAL HOURS".

This is the second of these clocks that have been seen by fellow alarm clock collectors and both clocks are identical.

Under the bell are three hammers. Each hammer rings once when one of the three top dials on the front reach "0".

front no face
Front without faceplate
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These three top dials are each 4-hour dials.

As you can see by the pictures, the top three dials have names: "SCALES AND EXCERISES", "STUDIES" AND "PIECES".

One interesting about this clock is that if you were to manually turn the main clock hands, none of the rest of the clock moves. But when wound and running, all functions and dials work.

Back of clock
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We believe that because of the names of the dials and the design in the corners of the face, that it refers to some type of music practicing tool.

Can you help answer these questions?

Side view
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